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How to Easily Identify and Fix Your Biggest Energy Leaks - Copy

October 16, 20233 min read

Recently spoke at the Seattle Chamber’s NW Elevate Series on “The 5 Secrets to Reclaim Your Energy!

I was so surprised with the response to this poll: What is your current energy level?

The poll results?

Not one attendee answered they have high levels of energy.

Not a single person.

Yet nearly half of the sixty attendees responded they had low energy and struggled to maintain energy through the day. It hit me hard how much folks are struggling.

Check out the results below:

Poll results

I figured others are feeling this way as well.

Here’s quick way to identify the source of your energy drains using the ENERGY POWER checklist below.

The more energy leaks plugged, the more you can feel energized.

The intention of this checklist exercise is to bring awareness to what is happening.

Simply read the question. Tune in to your heart. Then answer authentically. Don’t worry about scoring, or getting as my yes’s as possible. Simply answer as honestly as possible.

At the end, pick 1-3 areas you can start shifting today.


1. Are you getting quality sleep?
2. Does what you eat make your body sing?
3. Is your core and gut area warm throughout the day?
4. Do you regularly move your body (let’s not even address exercise yet!) throughout the day?

1. Do you smile throughout the day for no reason?
2. Do you feel light and expansive (versus heavy, tight, constricted) in your chest?
3. Do you know how to name the emotion of your feeling, focus on your heart within, and breathe deeply?
4. Do you allow unwanted emotions like irritable, anger, sadness, anxiety, rage, embarrassment, disgust, judgement to energetically flow through you and pass?

1. Do you do one task at a time, fully present? Multi-tasking includes not just doing two things at once. It also includes doing successive actions in a row quickly with no break or switching rapidly back and forth between two tasks.
2. Are you able to relax and quiet your brain on demand in a moment?
3. Do you go offline completely at least one day a week to recharge?
4. Do you eat a meal sitting down, slowly and mindfully without doing anything else? (versus scarfing down leftovers in 5 minutes standing up before you run to the next meeting while listening to a podcast)

1. Do you wake up happy?
2. If today was your last day to live, would you be ready to pass away?
3. Do you have no regrets?
4. Do you feel you’re fulfilling your highest potential in your day to day life?

All too often, the boundless energy reserves available as children get sucked up through layers of stress over the years, leaving us depleted like an empty cup.

Results from My Vipassana Silent Meditation Retreat

Once your natural energy depletes, it’s like an empty bank account that you now have to borrow energy then from your body–accelerating your aging process.

Instead, by noticing and bringing awareness to these energy drains, you can consciously replenish and recharge yourself, feeling higher levels of energy in your day.

Anna S. Choi, CEO and Founder of Conscious Business Coaching, TEDx Speaker, and Forbes Author, is committed to elevating humanity’s consciousness by empowering high achieving, six-figure conscious entrepreneurs and business leaders to prevent burnout while scaling their company.

As a broke art major with zero experience or connections, she started and sold her first financial planning business grossing six figures by age 25.

Burned out from the hustle and grind, she pursued energy mastery since 2014 as a taekwondo martial artist, body and brain yoga instructor and educator, and flow consultant now helping her high achieving clients grow in flow through energy mastery.

​If you’re interested in growing your business with balance not burnout visit

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Anna Sun Choi

I’m Anna, an Energy Mastery Trainer, Taekwondo Black Belt, Two-time TEDx Speaker, and Forbes Author committed to elevating humanity’s consciousness by empowering high achieving conscious entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, advisors, healers, wellness professionals, and business leaders to find peace in chaos while energetically aligning their life and business with their True Self. As a broke art major with zero experience or connections, I started and sold my first business as a impact investing financial planner–grossing six figures by age 25 burned out from exhaustion of working 80 hours/week. Two businesses later while working on faculty for a leading multimillion dollar global enterprise in personal growth my heart was full, but didn’t tend to my self care and well-being becoming a burned out “do-gooder.” I met my enlightened teachers, spiritual guides, and renowned energy masters, H.H. Sai Maa and Ilchi Lee. They set me on a path of self-healing and energy mastery in 2015 learning to feel my body, embody my power, and build consistent self care habits with emotional wellness. While on the outside, I had it all with a loving family, marriage, kids, traveling the world, grossing six figures while taking 9 weeks of vacation–inside, I struggled with feeling empty. I’d lost my mojo. Some days I just wanted to leave this earth to return home in the cosmos.

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