Burnout to Brilliance Webinar: 5 ALIVE Elements to Master Your Energy

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​You might feel: 

  • Stuck in your habits of overworking
  • Tired from going to bed late to make up work you didn’t get to
  • Exhausted from back to back zoom meetings
  • Overwhelmed saying yes to every opportunity
  • Resistance to taking actions you know matter but are uncomfortable
  • Tend to put self care last
  • Resigned after trying EVERYTHING that your unhealthy habits won’t change

You Will Discover the 5 ALIVE Elements that Help You

  • Grow in flow through building in yin rhythms that harmonize with our yang “Go-GoGo!” culture
  • Trust yourself and your intuition that pierces through the noise of distraction
  • Consciously make choices driven by the soul than the ego 
  • Create habits and morning routines that establish a strong enough foundation to ground your body for the rest of the day
  • Tap into limitless potential by doing the opposite of what your brain wants to do to be productive
  • Embody unwanted emotions, pain, and energy inside to unleash your pure inner energy
  • Surrender your agenda, give up control, or find a solution to fix a problem to accelerate your vision partnered with your Soul
  • Befriend the monkey mind with your body through practical energy embodiment
  • Energize through moving meditation exercises to experience more freedom in discipline

Anna will speak on the 5 ALIVE elements that in a time of so much transition and constant adaptation, will help you avoid burnout.

Meet featured guest co-host Aaron Ellis who will speak on the Law of Open Cycles, Law of Conditions, and the Principle of Perseverance as they all relate to burnout.